Meet Our Team

Lillie Biesinger,


If you read my macro story, you know i started counting back in November 2016 and while i fell in love with the changes I was seeing and feeling from it, I really struggled with the new outlook on food. While the food snob in me wanted to hide my face when I was buying low fat bottled salad dressings, I couldn’t deny the progress i was seeing and feeling. I was converted. But there was no way I was going to eat a Laughing Cow cheese wedge mixed into egg whites for the rest of my days. And cooking had always been such an important part of my life! I wasnt about to let go of the bonding time in the kitchen with my girls, filling our home with memories and aromas. Thats just too important. So I resigned myself to coming up with real, satisfying, DELICIOUS meals, like the ones we were use to only with a few tweaks. Meals heavy with flavor and veriety, and even with size and volume, and yet light on macros! its like magic. I’m loving the challenge, and i love what i eat more then ever! Being so intentional about my meals and almost never having eaters-remorse (thats a thing right?) has made my relationship with food pure joy.

Lindsey Mathews,


Lindsey has been in the fitness industry for 15 years. Her passion for health and fitness is the driving force behind the quality and success of the online fitness challenges, boot camps and personal coaching that so many people have come to love and trust.  Throughout her career she has helped hundreds of thousands of women around the world build confidence and reach their fitness goals.  Lindsey is a self proclaimed home body and in her free time she enjoys spending time with her husband and three kids and hanging out in her backyard by the pool.

Kelli Bettridge,


BS Exercise Science, NASM CPT, FNS, WFS/Pre and Post Natal, and CFS

My passion is fitness and nutrition. Nothing gets me more excited than sharing that passion with others, getting them excited about their goals and showing them how life-changing taking care of yourself can be! I consider myself a lifelong student because there is always more to learn in this field.

Justin McDonald,


I am a certified sports and exercise nutritionist and personal trainer.  I have been training for over 12 years, coaching clients for over 5 years, and am a professional natural bodybuilder.  I specialize in strength training programs to maximize muscle growth and shed unwanted body fat. Fitness is my outlet to use my education, knowledge,  and passion to help others succeed in their personal health and fitness goals.

Shayli Campbell,


Shayli was a competitive gymnast from age 2-19 and competed up to level 9/10. Shayli cheered 3 years of high school where she was captain sophomore and senior year. After graduating from Desert Hills High School she was hired by Universal Cheerleaders Association and has been on staff for 4 years teaching camps and judging competitions all over the West Coast. She was Head Instructor her 3rd and 4th year. Shayli was promoted to the UCA College staff in 2012 where she instructed throughout the Country for the top College teams. She has also been a member of BYU Cheerleading Team for 4 years and was Captain of the Coed Squad. Shayli was asked to go to Team USA Coed Cheer tryouts, which is an invite only given to 20 girls throughout the country. Since Shayli was always involved in sports and extracurricular activities growing up she grew to love the fitness world because she always loved being in the weight room or exercising with her different teams. Shayli’s passion for health and fitness helped push her through her 4 years of college at BYU where she then earned a Bachelors Degree in Exercise and Wellness. She has a NASM certification for personal training and she is also certified in many different group exercise classes such as, RIPPED, Power Pump, Abs, Insanity, Spin/Cycling, etc. Shayli was also a Nationally Qualified Bikini winner in 2015 in both Novice and Open Bikini. She also loves being an Instagram Influencer and helping others with workouts and fitness through social media. Shayli has her own membership website Shayfit.com where she sells Home and Gym programs to people online so they can train right from their phones. She also does fitness challenges frequently as well. Shayli is very passionate about what she does and loves to workout and push herself to new goals. She says, “The best part about being a personal trainer is not only seeing client’s faces light up when they accomplish something, but seeing how their whole self confidence, attitude, self love and self esteem completely change. Helping others find that joy is what brings me joy and the reason I love what I do!”

Tonya Iverson,


Fitness: the condition of being physically fit and healthy. To me, fitness is so much more than that. Fitness has the power to heal you mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’ve been working out for over ten years and the gym has become my home. My number one priority is to help you become the best YOU possible while living a healthy lifestyle.

Jake Campbell,


For me, working out and training has always been a stress reliever and something that I can always do to push myself and others to be better every day! My style of training has always been geared toward athletes. I have been training hard and lifting weights consistently for around 15 years. I have studied and learned a lot in those 15 years and have seen the results from it. I really love watching people achieve their goals by being consistent with their workouts! 

Megan Smith, 


BS Exercise Science, Masters Health Science, ACSM Cert

Owner, MC FIT

I’ve been in the health & fitness industry for over 11 years, & it is my absolute passion. I have worked hard to develop a method of training that is fun, efficient, & effective. I LOVE being able to help people become the best version of themselves!

Michelle Serna,



Fitness to me is a way of life. I’ve had a Golds Gym membership since I was 14 years old when I would walk from my Jr high over to the Roy Golds and workout after school because I just loved being active and had been my whole life! I was a level 6 gymnast until I quit to take dancing more seriously and danced on a extremely competitive dance team growing up! I also played several sports and cheered as well! As I got older I wanted to continue the active lifestyle I was used to and so I begged my mom to get me a pass and that’s where my love for the gym flourished! Since then, I have become a personal trainer helping others achieve their best self and promote a healthy lifestyle! I have competed in several NPC shows starting only 6 months after having my son Stryder where I placed 1st place and Overall in Bikini Open, and 3 NPC national shows, placing top 5 in all 3! Currently I’m going to school to become a Mechanical Engineer at Weber state (Go Wildcats), I work as an Engineering intern at Northrop Grumman and I have continued to personal train and teach pilates and circuit training classes at Pilates Body in North Ogden any chance I get! 

Jordan Jeffery,


My name is Jordan Jeffery and I have always had a passion for, both, the fitness industry and helping others. I have been an ISSA certified personal trainer for about three years but have many more years of experience in the field of training. I love what I do and get so much satisfaction and joy from giving others the tools they need to help reach their goals. Because of this “love”, I am constantly searching and learning, trying to better my knowledge in order to help others to the best of my abilities. I specialize in strength, muscle building, and fat loss and have experience in competition prep as well. Although I specialize in these areas, everything I do is centered around functionality. I come from a sports background, having played all through high school, 3 years of college soccer, and now bodybuilding. I hope to reach and help as many people as I can and make a real difference in peoples lives.

TJ Moser, 


Firefighter/EMT, AS Emergency Services, NSCA-CPT*, NSCA TSACF*

I am a former collegiate athlete. I have won a few bodybuilding competitions, and set some powerlifting records including an “Internationally Elite” deadlift designation. I currently work as a firefighter, and co-coordinate “The Frontline Throwdown” at Fitcon. The gym is not my passion or my church. I’m not a salesman and I don’t post inspirational fitness quotes. When I was a bodybuilder I was weak, when I was powerlifting my endurance and agility suffered. I train for strength, athleticism, and mobility. Everything I program is meant to improve a specific movement, not just some different way to make you tired. Accessory movements should be based on weaknesses, not on what area your working that day. If you want to dunk a basketball, deadlift 500 pounds and kick ass at backyard Spikeball then I might be your guy. Breed athleticism and your body will follow. It’d be hard to find an NFL defensive back that doesn’t look great and I don’t think those guys are hitting specific body parts 6 days a week.